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Here's how it works:

Showcase your iOS or Android app in crisp, Instant-Play™ HD video to drive high quality, non-incentivized installs across our premium network of top ranked mobile apps and games.

1. Engage with an app

Users engage with an app and encounter a video ad.

2. Watch an Instant-Play™ HD Video ad

Users view a 15 second Instant-Play™ HD video ad showcasing your app.

3. Download featured app

Video ad resolves to dynamic end card for post-viewing engagement & clear call-to-action for the user to download your app.


Bring your app out of the dark.

Unlock the power of Instant-Play™ technology to showcase your app in full-screen video ads that load instantly in HD across our network of premium in-app inventory. Crystal clear sight, sound and motion showcase your app’s features and UX unlike anything else in mobile to capture users’ imaginations and draw them in to discover more.

Dynamic end cards

One tap away from download.

It has never been easier to engage users with your app. The combination of Instant-Play™ HD video and a clear call-to-action puts users just one tap away from downloading your app.

Unprecedented in the industry, AdColony’s highly interactive end cards are tailored for mobile engagement. Animated, touch-friendly images showcase your app alongside a clear, compelling message to download.

Users are able to experience the look and feel of your app right within the ad unit and can install immediately. Enjoy unparalleled CTRs and superior ROI with 100% non-incentivized installs from high-performing HD video and dynamic end cards from AdColony.

Network & Targeting

Reach an engaged audience on top ranking apps

Our global network of smartphone and tablet users are proven to be 15-25x more active and engaged than the low quality audiences of offerwalls and free app promotional networks.

As the largest and highest-quality in-app mobile video network in the world, our technology is integrated into top apps from industry leading publishers across categories including games, news, entertainment, communications, sports, utilities, music and more. We provide robust targeting options to help you reach high-quality users who are more likely to engage with and monetize with your app.

Reporting & Analytics

Track performance and optimize.

We understand how important data is in helping our developers optimize their user acquisition campaigns. We arm you with the tools and the support to help you hit your UA goals within budget, on time and at scale.

Real-time dashboard

Track completed video views, clicks, CTR, and spend per day on our real-time dashboard. Control your budget and ramp up your campaign spend when you need it most.

3rd Party Tracking

AdColony works with a wide variety of 3rd party tracking companies including FIKSU, HasOffers, Kochava, Kontagent, Ad-X, Appsperse and more.

Install Tracking

AdColony offers both a client side (SDK) and Server-to-Server (S2S) API solution for conversion tracking.

MATA Reporting

We support the MATA (Mobile Acquisition Transparency Alliance) reporting API providing you with access to real time campaign performance metrics.

Account Support

We're here to help.

Our expert UA team is on call to help you deliver the most cost effective and highest performing campaigns possible. With experience across thousands of campaigns delivering millions of non-incentivized installs for top app developers, we’ll help you understand your data and optimize your campaign.

Whether you’re looking for a burst campaign to launch a new app or a high-ROI engagement campaign to acquire loyal new users each day, we can design a custom campaign to deliver results.

AdColony Express

AdColony Express puts you in control and makes it easy for you to drive discovery of your app. You can create an ad campaign in minutes using our self-serve 4-step wizard. With easy HD video ad upload tools and real-time analytics, you have the power to instantly manage and optimize your campaign.

Featured Case Studies

Check out case studies from brand advertising and UA clients to see why AdColony’s video ads deliver industry-leading click-through-rates and engagement to drive ROI.

Drive 100% non-incentivized installs.Advertise